First Time Registration

VESSEL REGISTRY MANAGEMENT is NOT a government entity, NOT Transport Canada or the Vessel Registration Office. We are a third party document preparation service that accurately prepares and submits documents to Transport Canada for the purposes of private, commercial and pleasure vessel registration with Transport Canada.


Vessel Registry Management is a provider of document preparation services that assists the boating community with registration required by Transport Canada with regards to the Canadian Register of Vessels, the Small Vessel Register and vessel Licences. This website is a secure platform to access and transmit various forms and documents for the purposes of maintaining records with Transport Canada.


We offer a comprehensive document preparation service for your vessel:


Accelerate your registration process with our short forms. Choose a form, confirm the requirements, submit; and you will receive a packet for signatures.


Sorting through the myriad of required documents on your own is complicating. Simplified guidelines make it easy to select, complete and submit your forms online.


This website features multiple levels of security with encryption technology and secure payment processing.


Receive an immediate confirmation notice that your forms are now being processed for submission to Transport Canada.