First Time Registration


Transport Canada Performance results:

Service Standard Target
Issuance of Registry of bare-boat charter within 7 working days. 95%

The initial fee to register a bareboat charter in Canada via this online portal is $300.00 then $250 for each additional 6 months up to a maximum of 5 consecutive years.

• This application must be completed and signed by the Bare-Boat Charterer who is also known as the Authorized Representative and must be qualified to bare-boat charter a vessel registered in Canada.
• Qualifications to own a vessel registered in Canada are set out in Section 2 of the Canada Shipping Act, 2001 under “Qualified person”.
• The process for bare-boat charter registration must be similar in both countries – conditional/provisional registration is not permitted.

Foreign applicants can register their commercial vessels as bareboat charters within Canada. However, they must meet the following conditions:

  1. The vessel must be registered in a country that has a reciprocal agreement with Canada with respect to Bareboat charters.
  2. The owner of the bareboat must have Canadian representation that meets the definition of “Qualified Person” under the CSA 2001.

“Bare-boat Charter” means a vessel charter agreement under which the charterer has complete possession and control of the vessel, including the right to appoint its master and crew. Use this form to register the Bareboat Charter Vessel.