First Time Registration


Transport Canada Performance results:

Service Standard Target
Issuance of First Time Registration within 35 working days. 70%

The information you provide on this form is collected by Transport Canada for the purpose of registering your vessel. It is collected under the authority of section 43 of the Canada Shipping Act, 2001. The registration of your non-pleasure (commercial) craft is mandatory unless it is registered in a foreign state. The information will be held in the Department’s Personal Information Bank entitled Canadian Register of Vessels (bank number TC PPU 041). The information will be retained for 5 years after vessel is deregistered and then destroyed. Your information will be handled in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Act.
Please note that under Section 76 of the Canada Shipping Act, 2001, “a person may examine or obtain copies of any entries in the Register with respect to a vessel.”