Elie Strait kayaks VOLUNTARY RECALL

KJR12 and KJR14 ModelsSTRAIT 120, STRAIT 120XE and STRAIT 140, STRAIT 140XE

These kayaks have a potential weakness in the keel assembly, which can lead to hull leaks and affect the flotation capacity when used for a long period.Concerned product serial numbers (HIN) start with ZEP and end withD313 to L313, 314, 414, 415, and 515.

HIN: The hull identification number is a unique serial number comprised of 12 characters. It is located on the starboard side of the hull, next to the stern.

Please note:

All replacement Strait 120 and Strait 120 XE models are available in Tangerine/Red color only.

All replacement Strait 140 and Strait 140 XE models are available in Lime Green color only.



Stop using the kayak and follow these instructions to obtain a free replacement kayak.

For more information contact us via our Toll-Free number at


or send an email to recall@pelicansport.com

List of recalled serial numbers

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